Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kujaku Bag

This is a felted bag I made from Noro's Kujaku yarn. It's a lot like Kureyon except it's got a very fine polyester ply. Every 1 to 2 feet the wraps of this filament get very close together for an inch to 3 inches, making the yarn look like string there. This may be why I was able to get a deep discount on the price. I believe it's been discontinued.

The Facts of the Matter

Pattern: Bottom is a garter stitch rectangle whose edge stitches are picked up then knit upward in the round in stockinette. I got number-to-cast-on advice from my cyber fiber friend, Sue/Seiding,who's made a brace of booga bags. Click her name to see them on her blog.
Yarn: Noro Kujaku: 4-5 skeins (can't remember), 1 skein Lamb's Pride worsted in Plum (maybe) for the last inch, the handles and a large pocket to be added later possibly.
Needles: 16" circular, size 10.5 US
Details: The worms come from the tightly wrapped parts of the Kujaku. I tied them into loops and did not knit them because I figured that they'd make weak places and probably holes in the felted fabric. On the bottom I actually cut them, pulled off the tight filament, spit-spliced the yarn and kept


Anonymous said...

The worms seem artistic. You know, quirky.

The socks look like heaven for feet!

Jenny said...

Hey, is that the same kind of yarn that you gave to me (last picture)? I've been a little scared of it. I tried to work with for about 10 minutes once and decided I couldn't handle it at the time. It's sooooooooo thin! I'm looking forward to seeing more progress!

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

That is the same yarn. The 1st couple rows are hard, but then you get used to it.